Meditation made easy! You can do it too.

Busy Mama Life Inspiration Mental health

Meditation can be very intimidating. First of all, who has time, and what exactly is it?  I think that sometimes the idea and the misconceptions of what mediation really is turns people off to the whole idea.  Let me tell you, from this busy mother, that meditation will save your life.  Finding the time can …

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working mothers friends anxiety

A Day in the Life Series: Friends, Spaceships, and Anxiety

A Day in the Life Busy Mama Life Inspiration Mental health Parenting Relationships

Friends, how many of us have them? Today was a great day!  Am I the only one of us that makes plans with friends and you just don’t follow through with them?  Every summer it’s the same thing.  You even start preliminary planning, like looking through your schedule to find your days off.  Even with …

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social media self-esteem

Social Media, Self-Esteem, and How it Affects You

Inspiration Mental health Self Esteem

First of all, most of us, are on social media.  You may have found this blog because I shared it on a social media site.  Mostly everyone we know, is on some type of social media outlet.  If you aren’t on it, you are probably missing out on something.  Well, for the most part.  You …

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play dates kid fun

Play Dates That Pay!

Busy Mama Life Coins Inspiration Mental health Parenting Relationships

Play dates are important to a mama.  Well, they’re important to this mama.  Planning play dates don’t only give your children an opportunity for socialization, but give you a much needed break.  I’m so lucky to have a great group of friends.  My squad is an important part of my life.  I’ll explain what my …

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The Power to Empower Our Little Girls

Busy Mama Life Inspiration Mental health Parenting Self Esteem

I had another post all ready to go today, and I flipped my whole script.  When I first started this blog, I launched it on March 1st, which was the beginning of Women’s History Month.  As a person of influence, I can empower.  I can heal.  I’m a mother.  I am also raising future women, …

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brianna ava princess breakfast friends

A Day in the Life Series: Gratefulness and a Princess Breakfast

A Day in the Life Busy Mama Life Parenting

Today was a good day. It almost wasn’t. We almost didn’t make it to the princess breakfast this morning. Or, at least, not all of us. We were going to be one man done. By one man down, I mean Ava Bava almost didn’t make the cut. Yesterday, she had an “ungrateful” day. I try …

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Babies parenting coping mother

A Kid is a Kid! Notes from an Imperfect Mother!

Busy Mama Life Inspiration Mental health Parenting

This post is coming from a mother that honestly loses her “ish” every now and then.  I’m not perfect.  This is all coming from a very imperfect mother.  Hence the title.  The only difference, is that I give it my all, every day.  This post isn’t for the mother that says that she has never …

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Vision Board

Easy Guide to Vision Boards With a Purpose!

D.I.Y. Inspiration Mental health

During my last year of grad school I made a vision board with a purpose.  All of this came about because of an amazing supervisor that I had while interning with Mental Health Association.  It so happens that she is a licensed social worker and the director of health and wellness.  She subsequently has become …

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grief die death

When the good die young. It’s not just a song.

Busy Mama Life Inspiration Relationships

When it all falls down. Yesterday was a very trying day.  Death has reared his nasty head again.  I got a message on Instagram that a long time friend had passed away.  My first reaction was that it couldn’t be true.  After a moment of shock, I realized, that this was nothing to joke about …

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